On 10/6/2023, Quiet Dell Rural Fire Protection District Fire Fee invoices were mailed out to the shared, first-due area of Nutter Fort Fire Department and Stonewood Fire Department. This is a legitimate invoice that was mailed and NOT a scam.

The Quiet Dell Rural Fire Protection District consists of the Route 20 area that Nutter Fort Fire Department and Stonewood Fire Department services.

If you have any questions, please utilize one of the following options:
• You can find additional information online at
• Call Leslie Cummings, Town of Nutter Fort at 304-622-7713 x102.
• Call Crystal Johnson, City of Stonewood at 304-623-2919 x3.

Christmas parade will be December 2nd, 2023. Keep an eye out for updates.

Please join us November 2nd, 2023, at 5:00 PM as we celebrate the Retirement of Chief Michael A. Secreto.

City of Stonewood, Stonewood, W.Va. – The Clarksburg Water Board is moving forward with plans to implement additional corrosion control measures in its system. City of Stonewood currently purchases their drinking water from the Clarksburg Water Board.

Corrosion is a common issue in water pipes. It is of particular importance for older pipes that contain lead, such as those serving homes built before 1987. To avoid corrosion, it is important that minerals in the water supply build up inside the pipes to coat them with what is known as “scale”. If there is not enough scale in the pipes, elements from the pipe, like lead, can get in the water.

To create additional scale in its water pipes, the Clarksburg Water Board will be adding a chemical called phosphoric acid to its water. A common food ingredient – often found in colas and juices – the phosphoric acid will quickly dissolve in the water, breaking into hydrogen and phosphate. The hydrogen will become a part of the water and the phosphate will stick to the walls of the pipes to add to the amount of scale.

Customers may notice staff members of the City of Stonewood in the community next week as they flush fire hydrants to get the phosphate into the system in a uniform fashion.

Those with any questions about the phosphorous addition may contact the City of Stonewood at (304) 623-2919, or the West Virginia Division of Health and Human Resources at 1-800-642-8589. Contact your physician if you have specific health concerns regarding this change to your drinking water.

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Christmas parade will be December 2nd, 2023. Keep an eye out for updates.

Please join us November 2nd, 2023, at 5:00 PM as we celebrate the Retirement of Chief Michael A. Secreto.

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For all other payments please call us to verify the amount and use THIS LINK. DO NOT use this link for water bill payments. Please click on water at the top of the screen and make your payment accordingly. Using this link for a water bill payment may result in termination of service and/or late fees as it is not linked to your water billing account and will not apply the payment.


Jim Terango

City Council

Our City Council members come to us with a variety of backgrounds, but they have come together for a common goal, working together for a better community.

Danny Phares

Danny served on council from 2015 to 2019. He was then appointed as Recorder in 2019 and has since served in that capacity. He works with Frontier Communications and has been with the company since 2006. He is a representative on the Harrison County Economic Development Authority.

Austin Lynch

Austin is our newest councilperson being elected in 2021. In addition to his role on City Council, Austin is a hospice chaplain and a pastor at Congregational Missionary Church in Stonewood.

Jim Nutter

Jim has been inducted into the WV Municipal League Hall of Fame for serving more than 30 years in a municipal position. He has served in various capacities throughout his career on council and as Mayor. His many years of experience and knowledge coupled with his eagerness to help have been a great asset to the city.

Mike Hyman

Mike has served on city council since 2017 is a certified professional surveyor in the state of West Virginia and serves as the representative of Stonewood for Region VI council. Mike provides valuable insight on infrastructure related projects and equipment.

Kim Nicholson

Kim has served on city council since 2019. She has been a physical therapist assistant for 20 years most notably serving with Amedisys Home Health since 2008. Kim’s number one priority is the health and care of her patients. Kim is a valuable part of the Stonewood Volunteer Fire Department working on the business side and serving as the treasurer.

Ryan Morgan

Ryan was elected to become a city council member in 2023. Growing up in Stonewood and raising kids in the township, Ryan is eager to learn the inner workings of city management and infrastructure. Ryan is looking forward to assisting the community in any way that he can.

City of Stonewood

Working together for a better community